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David Franklin, Founder and CEO
There is no doubt that Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms in use today. Beyond managing customer relationships, the platform is well equipped with analytics and integrated services such as marketing and sales to grow a business. Despite the benefits that Salesforce has in store to offer, the system is overly complicated to operate as it is bombarded with too many features. Organizations find it difficult to set up and optimize the system to generate valuable customer service data points. While hiring a professional with the required expertise can be expensive, finding the time to carry out Salesforce implementation process in-house is a tough task. Cloud Co- Op comes to rescue such organizations by providing real-time support from a team of developers and solution architects well versed with Salesforce at affordable pricing. Cloud Co-Op serves organizations across the entire lifecycle of Salesforce. “We provide Salesforce Cloud Start packages for new customers, Salesforce Cloud Growth Services designed for established clients wanting to accelerate their software development and integration initiatives, and Salesforce Cloud Concierge Services as a fractional support extension for administration and development request,” says David Franklin, founder and CEO of Cloud Co-Op. The firm assists customers in reducing Salesforce implementation and development costs, establishing governance controls and develop growth strategies. “We are focused on assisting companies to deliver enterprise-ready, cloud-based applications using Salesforce,” states Franklin.

Venturing the Journey into the Cloud

For beginners adopting Salesforce, the firm simplifies the adoption processes by providing consulting services such as a pre-defined Scope of Work (SOW), Business Process Review (BPR), application customization, communication templates, reports, and dashboards. Based on these services, clients can decide upon the aptest Salesforce platform and AppExchange apps that yield best results. The firm follows a strategic methodology which involves discovering a client’s needs, reviewing their business process and requirement documents, and delivering solutions according to their needs. With the help of an agile delivery process, the company helps clients control costs and increase adoption. Franklin mentions, “We believe that change management impacts the overall price of Salesforce implementation and drives Salesforce adoption.”

Cloud Co-Op also enables clients within the first three to five years into Salesforce investments through Salesforce Cloud Growth. These services help enterprises rapidly recover their Salesforce investments and achieve the desired ROI—by guiding clients to extend their Salesforce platform functionalities further and rectifying security issues. In this regard, Cloud Co-Op offers schooled training, skilled guidelines on governance, and adoption strategies in addition to integration best practices and marketing automation. Cloud Co- Op’s mastery in recommending business success applications and optimizing Salesforce usage to drive productivity drastically is second to none.

The Added Advantage

The company thoroughly understands how the client operates and then works with them through their onboarding process using best practices and implementing proven techniques to maximize the value of Salesforce. This way clients can stay focused on their core business operations without having to worry about CRM development tasks. Clients can enjoy complete transparency during implementation and ongoing communication with Cloud Co-Op’s expert teams to establish governance policies. The company ensures that clients receive long-term cost control with an increasing ROI. With Cloud Co-Op’s Salesforce experts, clients need not worry about managing daily administrative activities to comply with industry regulations, mandatory governance, and strict security policies.

As a Product Developer Organization (PDO), the company develops custom applications for enterprises planning to launch on Salesforce’s AppExchange platform. Along with Salesforce, Cloud Co-Op designs and develops enterprise level applications and processes at a much faster rate without numerous iterations of development cycles around various device types. Cloud Co-Op works through a strategic lens, catering long-term value to their clients, ultimately allowing them to build their own growth.

Alongside Cloud Co-Op’s key solutions, the Salesforce Cloud Concierge Services allow companies to accelerate their application development operations—whether or not they have a Salesforce developer, administrator or a dedicated team for that purpose.

We are focused on assisting companies to deliver enterprise-ready, cloud-based applications using Salesforce

Cloud Co-Op’s dedicated team gives valuable time back for users to excel in other high-value activity. The Concierge offering follows an à La Carte model, catering to on-demand business needs. The company’s team of veterans provide Tier 1 support to ISV partners through the implementation and configuration of many AppExchange applications along with a host of pro-active tasks to maintain a healthy Salesforce instance.

In addition, the company also offers Spanning Backup for Salesforce making it easy to monitor backups and recover data with a secure cloud approach to automated backup. Clients can use Spanning Backup to restore any data from user-generated reports, dashboards, custom views and email templates. With Spanning Backup product in place, clients can get easy to use search and granular restore options with the ability to restore permanently deleted items as well. Moreover, clients enjoy point-in-time data recovery with the ability to easily navigate to any previous backup and recovery data. While the data is exported, field level security is enforced to stay compliant and secure. Clients can also set and control the API usage of Spanning Backup for Salesforce, and use advanced admin tools offered by Cloud Co-Op to manage Salesforce data easily.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

As a U.S. Navy veteran himself, Franklin is determined to help military veterans transition into the workforce, through its VETS2CLOUD apprenticeship program. “Our goal is to make the transition from military to civilian life a little easier. As these veterans go from boots on the ground to boots in the cloud,” he says. With a two-fold mission of educating military veterans entering the workforce to be successful Salesforce Business Consultants and to serve clients in a cost-effective manner, Cloud Co-Op’s VETS2CLOUD apprenticeship program extends clients’ cloud capabilities. “Cloud Co-Op’s clients receive top-notch consulting at a fair price, and veterans get on-the-job mentoring from seasoned Salesforce consultants. We are the cloud that bridges the gap between education and employment,” extols Franklin.

With weekly coaching from senior consultants, online tutorials, and gamification sessions, the program augments veterans’ knowledge of the Salesforce domain. “We have put together a mentoring and coaching program that allows veterans to learn beyond the textbook—ultimately helping them earn consulting jobs,” assets Franklin.

Cloud Co-Op’s VETS2CLOUD is committed to bringing service veterans successfully to new careers in cloud computing. VETS2CLOUD provides veterans a start in the essential work of a Salesforce administrator, business analyst, or project manager. Transitioning military veterans start by working with organizations which provide assistance in certification and career assessment. Cloud Co-Op is a continuation of these organizations beyond the classrooms, offering employment opportunities as business consultants and the option of business ownership.

With their consulting services strongly poised to assist firms in the Salesforce domain, Cloud Co-Op has partnered with numerous firms such as AppLearn, Conga, and Cirrus Insight to expand its toolkit and extend Salesforce capabilities. With these partnerships, the company has gained a competitive advantage in providing unique services customized for each client’s requirements. Along the same lines, the company is set to partner with other key firms to strengthen their service offerings further. “The segmentation of the Salesforce Cloud and the acquisitions of non-native applications have made it mandatory for vendors to augment their skills,” believes Franklin. He further adds that Cloud Co-Op intends to partner with a network of boutique firms and align those senior industry consultants with transitioning veterans, helping them become stronger candidates for corporate or consulting endeavors while addressing the service needs of the community. Similarly, the company will continue working with veterans to empower them with Salesforce certifications while enabling companies to tackle their real-world business challenges cost-effectively.

Cloud Co-Op

Austin, Texas

David Franklin, Founder and CEO

Cloud Co-Op specializes in application design, implementations, integrations, platform development, governance, adoption, client coaching, and end-user training. The firm’s Concierge program provides full-service administrative and development requirements allowing the clients to focus better on their business. Cloud Co-Op’s team of administrators, senior business consultants, developers, and trainers provide enterprise reliable market-ready applications to all its Whether a business is just getting started, looking to enhance adoption, or seeking ways to integrate Salesforce with other portions of the business, Cloud-Co-Op can help with our Professional Salesforce Solutions