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Mathew Schiltz, CEO Be it any strategy that an enterprise may adopt to foster growth across any of its functional teams, process, or units, it’s ultimately the efficiencies that reflect on business processes and propel a company to growth and glory. As such, it is hardly surprising why Salesforce has become a household name for businesses of all shapes and sizes across any industry. In other words, it’s the demand that pushes a product or service offering to the top of a list. It is, therefore, a no-brainer as to why Conga is one among the top five global ISVs in the Salesforce ecosystem. The company’s product suite stands tall amongst more than 2,800 applications in the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

Multi-pronged Predicaments, Fragmented Solutions

Any personnel involved in sales pitching, negotiation, and finalization knows the plight associated with generating, reviewing, renewing, managing and referencing documents; especially as it relates to deal-closing or working with contracts. To get a sense of how disjointed the process is, take a look at the sheer number of document formats today. Add to that, looping communications— both internally as well as between seller and buyer entities through multitudes of collaboration tools—that centers on redlining, negotiating and approving the contract in question. Getting the data in the documents correct to start, preparing pixel-perfect branded documents without manual missteps, filtering and analyzing key clauses, negotiating terms and conditions with customers and prospects, electronic signing; today the entire digital document and contract process is simultaneously critical and typically an arduous task. Assigning personnel to work through such silos not only slows down the sales process but also increases chances of human error. Not to mention complexities that may occur in archiving and ensuring secure access to contracts.

A few popular service companies or products may pop into the heads of users when the need arises for aspects such as electronic signing, document creation, or contract management. The market, as always, harbors generic solutions. However, to knit them up to get a full-fledged digital document and contract management system setup can turn out to be a daunting task for sales teams or even IT. Enterprises will have to sign up with multiple vendors’ solutions, have them integrated with one another or rely on manual interventions, and scratch their heads over tactically repurposing the solutions to fit process-specific requirements. Besides, it becomes all the more difficult to tune those fragmented toolsets and scale with the expanding need to handle larger volumes of documents and contracts.

Enter Conga for Salesforce

The often-hyped yet happening digital transformation wave that enterprises ought to embrace cannot be achieved in entirety without a well-automated and intuitive solution stack for generating and managing digital documents and contracts.
“For a company to achieve digital document transformation, it needs a suite of products that spans from creating the document through its entire lifecycle management; and that’s what Conga offers,” said Matthew J. Schiltz, CEO of the company. With capabilities ranging from creating pixel-perfect documents in a click, to full automated contract lifecycle management, to electronic signing, the Conga Suite is a one-stop-shop for true digital document transformation.

Conga has meticulously packaged its flagship products on the AppExchange marketplace in such a way that companies can get up and running based on the live data on Salesforce. Conga Grid, the company’s data management product, enables users to render Salesforce data in a powerful grid format; this makes it incredibly easy for users to create documents from live data in Salesforce. Instead of searching through Salesforce records, they can pull in relevant data from these excel-like grids and prepare documents or reports when management, customers, prospects, or distribution partners need them.

For a company to achieve digital document transformation, it needs a suite of products that run all the way from creating the document to its entire lifecycle management; and that’s essentially what Conga offers

Conga Composer, the highest volume downloaded paid app on the entire AppExchange, is the company’s flagship document generation engine. “One click, and you have pixel-perfect documents with the live data in Salesforce, and it also returns data back into Salesforce. So, you can create a sales agreement, send it out to a prospect, and then use Conga Sign to validate the data and execute the document,” explains Schiltz.

With Conga Collaborate, users can share, review, and approve documents in real time; it also enables managing and tracking documents with custom alerts.

Conga Contracts is full contract lifecycle management, from contract creation, to negotiation, to execution with Conga Sign, the electronic signature solution from Conga. .

Conga Orchestrate helps build streamlined and customizable workflows amongst Conga’s suite of products. Companies can automate and substantially accelerate business processes by managing the data, creating documents, and managing contracts and signing contracts through the entire lifecycle.

In concert with Conga Contracts, Conga AI adds artificial intelligence to the contract process. “Conga AI is setting the standard for intelligent contract management, for example with Conga’s Selection Service, you can send a contract as an intelligent draft to a potential customer.
Where the normal paradigm is to send a standard agreement and then go back and forth with redlines for weeks to months at a time, our Selection Service will look at the contracts that you have already signed with them as well as the ones with similar customers, and mock up an advance version that selects what that contract would eventually look like to the customer. You can decrease your cycle times by up to 70 percent by using our embedded AI functionality in contract management,” adds Schiltz.

Sky-High Success Streak

The modularity and flexibility of Conga’s solutions enables companies to start small with any of their products and grow into the full Conga Suite. Today, Conga’s base is over 11,000 companies with nearly 800,000 users. “We have customers who generate hundreds of thousands of documents, and they do it in highly automated ways with Conga. We have about 400 active system integrators deploying our solutions globally, and they are backed by our professional services group. We are very proud that our NPS scores are off the charts,” prides Schiltz.

The success story of one of Conga’s clients best exemplifies the company’s capabilities. Prior to using Conga’s suite, a non-profit entity that worked around child adoption had to manually put together dozens of documents and contracts for the adoption of each child. They were desperately seeking a solution stack that could simplify their document management predicaments. With Conga, they were able to automate document compilation and generation processes. The non-profit agency was able to cut down their cycle times by more than 70 percent and consequently, drove a higher number of adoptions.

Team Conga’s Synergy with Salesforce

The 20 years of experience that Schiltz holds in the digital document space makes him cut out to be at the helm of Conga. Schiltz previously served as the CEO of DocuSign, the popular electronic signature company. And before that, he headed a company that offered electronic filing and data retrieval of digital documents. “My previous experiences represent the three stages of the digital document transformation marketplace that I have seen over the last 20 years. After leaving DocuSign, I felt that there was a lot more to the document transformation business than just electronic signing. So myself and a bunch of ex-DocuSign senior team members have come to Conga to build what the marketplace really needs, a full suite that goes well beyond just e-sign,” mentions Schiltz. Soon after he came onboard the Conga team in November 2015, he focused on the relationship with Salesforce who is now an investor in Conga. Schiltz has since steered Conga from being a ‘middle of the pack’ Salesforce ISV, as he terms, to one of Salesforce’s global top five.

"We have about 400 active system integrators deploying our solutions globally, and they are backed by our professional services group. Naturally, our NPS scores are off the charts"

Looking ahead, Schiltz projects a high growth rate for Conga in the next three to four years while the marketplace is hinting at a possible IPO. “We are meeting quite a giant market, the electronic signing piece of digital documents alone is estimated to be a$20 billion market; and that doesn’t include contract lifecycle management, document generation, or collaboration. As such, Conga’s potential in accelerating sales, driving business growth, and generating ROIs for companies is huge,” concludes Schiltz.


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Mathew Schiltz, CEO

Conga is a one-stop shop for digital document transformation offering all round capabilities for document generation and contract lifecycle management