Stantive Technologies Group: Rejuvenating Digital Experience

Doug Girvin Founder, Chairman & CEO
Between assembling musical instruments and producing sheer warmth of sound, an orchestra rolls different musical elements into a single rejuvenating note. Much like Stantive Technologies Group’s OrchestraCMS, a Content Management System (CMS) that delivers value at the junction of Web Content Management, Social Enterprise, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). “By building a Content Management System on the Salesforce platform, we orchestrate an organization’s engagement with their employees, customers, and partners,” elaborates Doug Girvin, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Stantive. Natively built on the Salesforce AppCloud, Stantive’s OrchestraCMS offers a content management layer, personalization engine, and bi-directional connection between an organization’s employees, customers, partners, and their core business platform.

Content Management (CM) originated in the 90s when organizations were designing HTML pages for the web. “Organizations would use page-centric systems which were all about what's on the page as opposed to what content should be offered to the customer,” informs Girvin. Stantive created OrchestraCMS to unite CM with the business platform itself, instead of running it separately and attempting to integrate it with the platform. “We were sitting on the business platform that allowed us to effortlessly surface business processes for B2B, B2C or B2B2C organizations and we could leverage the functionality of Salesforce platform in addition to the CM layer we were building,” comments Girvin.

Today, the Canadian-based firm supports organizations delivery of content across an infinite number of digital channels including; public sites, portals, partner and employee communities and business applications. Organizations can build an extremely dynamic and personalized site with very less pages that can be easily customized according to the user. “Once the governance is implied and the security model is set up within Salesforce platform, the business user can turn over content, refresh the site, and change the personalization swiftly, all without requiring a lot of IT,” says Girvin. Using the same methodology, Stantive built a rich, robust and highly targeted global intranet for 1.7 million employees for a Fortune 50 company. “This intranet if publicly available would be in the top ten websites for traffic.

By building a Content Management System on Salesforce platform,our customers seamlessly orchestrate engagement with employees, customers, and partners

This was a prime example of OrchestraCMS operating at large-scale,” asserts Girvin. The intranet assisted in accelerating employee productivity and engagement of the organization, and made employees far more effective at doing their respective jobs.

Based on OrchestraCMS, the firm fabricated OrchestraPRM, a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution to assist mid-market organizations in distribution channels to address key aspects such as partner enablement, certification, training, distribution, and re-selling. “We came with a solution that unlike the traditional PRM solutions could be deployed in thirty minutes, and could be fully productive in a day’s time,” says Girvin. Being a Platinum Salesforce Independent Software Vendor enhanced their technical capabilities as the firm was allowed to access their engineering core which in-turn assisted them in building OrchestraPRM.

Girvin believes that disrupting technologies such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence plays a pivotal role by personalizing content targeting. “Leveraging these key technologies we have developed a very powerful personalization engine within OrchestraCMS to target content to the right person at the right time and device,” elaborates Girvin.

Having developed OrchestraPRM successfully, the firm aims to deliver six more solutions in the next few months. “A tool for capital market research, employee community, health care and for life-science industry are all in our pipeline. We will continue leveraging Salesforce platform, and drive innovation in the near future,” concludes Girvin.

Stantive Technologies Group

Kingston, ON

Doug Girvin Founder, Chairman & CEO

Stantive offers a content management layer, personalization engine and bi-directional connection between the employees, customers, and partners, and an organization’s core business platform

Stantive Technologies Group