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Jon Cline, VP Business Development
“In the beginning there was CRM,” began Jon Cline, VP, Business Development of WisdomEdge, tracing the evolution of the Salesforce platform. Dedicated to the platform since 2003, he says, “Now there are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud, and more.” This technology specialization and the need to quickly understand and coordinate toward their own solution can be daunting to customers. Easing the confusion, Jon along with his team assists clients to gain a foothold in this quick sand technological development era through their deep expertise and birds-eye-view approach. The company’s deep wisdom and exceptional approach to Salesforce solutions help customers maximize their collaboration, data security, and productivity.

WisdomEdge has a Risk Management program, which creates a clear path to reduce risk for clients and are among the invitation only group of Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) partners. As Jon states, “This requires combining the high-tech with the high-touch. Our experience and values enable us to create the right environment to ask the hard and vital questions.” The company’s commercial grade quality toward product security, design, build, testing, and go-to-market services including implementations to internal users results in better ROI, higher utilization, and successful innovation.

The company’s Taking Flight endeavor helps organizations’ assess situations concerning vital issues, identifying key options, and provide clarity with confidence toward a flight path forward. “This reduces the time-to-value as it would take months for a team member to ramp up to what we could provide in 15-30 minutes,” explains Jon. “We are accessible to clients irrelevant of time or geographical difference and help mentor them as they grow—all the while providing that confidence and security of being next to them on their journey.” The company’s 100 percent Salesforce certified team is committed to the ongoing education to maintain expert-level status in their specialization. Many on the team are certified in other relevant skills such as User Experience testing and design.
According to Jon, since the ecosystem of AppExchange apps continues to grow, the possibilities increase exponentially. As a PDO, they help build many apps on the AppExchange and have clients using numerous other connected products, which enable them to identify the best approach and solution for a quick and confident execution. “We have partnered with Salesforce on three fronts—Cloud Alliance (System Integrators), AppExchange (ISV Program), and Product Development Outsourcer,” asserts Jon. Over the last two years, roughly half of their projects are implementations and employee apps for firms looking to maximize the benefit of Salesforce internally. The other half is related to delivering and supporting commercial apps for startups and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

From flight planning to takeoffs and landings, we help you soar on the Salesforce platform

Recently, WisdomEdge guided Specright, a new entrant to the packaging and specification management arena through the design, build, and go-to-market process of their new platform; and develop a pipeline of profitable business. Specright’s major challenge was bringing together various stakeholder communities to keep them on the same page while helping spec owners take back control. This includes keeping specs and files up to date and related production and compliance initiatives moving forward. Hence, there was need of a change intuitive communications solution that was seamless and easy to use. WisdomEdge delivered the solution leveraging the Salesforce App Cloud platform as the main communications hub. Specright received 25 percent more functionality than was originally asked for, all delivered under an aggressive timeline and budget supported by key WisdomEdge fundamentals such as a collaborative project plan and sprint management process.

The company is currently working on ways to maximize the benefits of the new Salesforce Lightning Experience for both CRM and ISV clients. “We focus on delivering Salesforce platform wisdom, offering a fresh perspective to a diverse set of clients with unique and out-of-the-box solutions,” concludes Jon.


San Juan Capistrano, CA

Jon Cline, VP Business Development and Amy Murray, President

WisdomEdge works with clients to deliver exceptional outcomes with integrity and innovation on the Salesforce.com platform