WalkMe: Context-intelligent Real-time Guidance for Salesforce Users

WalkMe, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, assists Salesforce users in engaging their prospects, customers, and partners through a simplified online experience. “Our Salesforce solution allows companies to overlay advanced user experience and guidance, while increasing the scope of knowledge retention,” says Rafi Sweary, President of WalkMe. As an interactive online guidance and engagement platform provider, the company provides cloud-based services designed to guide enterprise Salesforce users. The WalkMe apps aid businesses in relieving online confusion, while at the same time increasing user competence and diminishing costs by reducing the onboarding times and requests for helpdesk assistance by at least 10 percent.

WalkMe takes a unique and holistic approach to training, irrespective of the competencies of an individual employee regarding closing on sales opportunities by utilizing predictive user experience. Hence, the guidance offered is contextual to the role of that specific employee and often, particular to a point of dilemma. “The guidance often begins from a confusion point. If there's a problem in any of the steps, WalkMe will launch automatically and the trainees don't have to go to training or visual tutorials,” adds Sweary.

The main reason for Salesforce domi¬nance in the CRM landscape is the provi¬sion to install custom apps in accordance to specific niche requirements of enter¬prises. In spite of this, challenges like low adoption rates, employee onboarding, and frequent updates often hamper the opera¬tional efficiency of a company's CRM. WalkMe’s Salesforce solutions consist of the Onboarding Tool, Unified Search, Shuttle, and the Launcher. The Unified Search tool helps an employee search for any item in all the relevant spaces, be it the company's documents, help desk or in the Internet from specific pages, or the customer support portal of the company.

“The Shuttle tool is the most innovative of them all. It makes the platform auto¬mate the processes for the user with a single-click of a button so that the users can concentrate on more complex work,” explains Sweary. Finally, the Launcher helps in implementing a specific ‘call to action’ based on conditions, for instance, if a sales person tries to give a customer a larger discount than he is authorized on a price quote, the WalkMe Launcher will pop up on the screen and will not al¬low him to proceed till he fixes the amount.
Addition¬ally, WalkMe alleviates the challenges gen¬erally encoun¬tered during the migration of data from an existing CRM to Salesforce. The other various online platforms in which WalkMe provides support include: Workday, SAP Cloud Solutions like Ariba and Successfactors, Microsoft Dynamic CRM and ERP, and more. “Our multi-lan¬guage assistance is another key differenti¬ator of the WalkMe offering. It automati¬cally helps non-native English speakers to take advantage of the robust features of Salesforce,” claims Sweary.

WalkMe for Salesforce tool allows business to instantly simplify their Salesforce user experience with context-intelligent guidance, thereby dramatically increasing efficiency and knowledge retention

One of WalkMe’s many success stories is an Internet service company who expanded its employee strength in a very short period of time. The client faced issues in relation to the costs incurred and a lack of module for onboarding new employees. With WalkMe’s onboarding solutions, the client reduced the whole process drastically and 68 percent of these employees could troubleshoot independently.

Expanding on their services, the company aims to establish a 24x7 sales support platform. “We will try to provide support across all platforms for anything that works on browsers. We have the ability to help with mobile/iPad apps too. Our vision is to nurture analytics to ensure rapid growth in all the KPIs for our customers,” mentions Sweary.


San Francisco, CA

Rafi Sweary, President Dan Adika, CEO

An Enterprise-Class Online Guidance and Engagement platform for cloud-based applications which helps shorten the process of onboarding new employees and simplify user experience