Riskonnect: Redefining Risk Management Practices using Salesforce Platform

Bob Morrell, Co-Founder and CEO
Risks come attached with everything under the sun. Whether there is a transportation blockade or faulty, obsolete IT systems, or interruption in supply chain. And when there is a huge capital investment involved and lots of dependencies exist, Risk Management becomes all the more crucial aspect for running an industry. “Risk Management profile for organizations is a siloed go to place when something goes wrong,” divulges Bob Morrell, Co- Founder and CEO of Kennesaw, GA based Riskonnect. Founded in 2007, Riskonnect provides well-tailored solutions for risk management, entirely built on the Force. com platform provided by Salesforce.

Riskonnect was one of the first few companies to sign up with Salesforce when they decided to allow independent software companies to build on their platform. “We don't really emphasize on the platform, rather, we are 100 percent in the platform,” elucidates Morrell. Riskonnect thus extends every benefit that's listed on Salesforce's website to its clients.

“Our strategy, when it comes to competition, is to really focus on the customer,” adds Morell. Deriving from the teaching of martial arts wherein “attack is the best form of defense,” Morell emphasizes on being aggressive when it comes to market competition. However, he believes in creating an environment and a culture that's very collaborative and nurturing, allowing people to do the best job that they can possibly do. In this manner, Riskonnect is able to provide best of services to their clients to build an organization that can progress and be around forever.

Upon realizing that Riskonnect has come to a point where they are providing superior products and solutions to their clients, they decided to take a step further which resulted in setting up Riskonnect University.“We teach a lot of general risk management topics, and we do it by using technology because ultimately that's what our customers are going to do. They are going to use our systems and use our platform as a communication tool,” explains Morell.
In a nutshell, it’s about explaining the companies how technology and risk management intersect, and what the best industry practices are.

Having quality software solutions has enabled Riskonnect to extend their customer base to various sectors with a special focus on retail, transportation, logistics, hospitality and manufacturing. “But risks are in every industry and they have the potential to break the industry’s operations,” adds Morell. So Riskonnect caters to all the industries, making them more risk aware organization and customers centric.

For instance, “Ruby Tuesday, a large restaurant in the U.S. uses our solution to handle risk management in the broadest sense of all. Anything that may result in customer complaints like food poisoning or injuries or employee accidents — all are handled by the solution,” says Morell. The solution has enabled Ruby Tuesday effectively manage the negative incidents, produce a timely response, and turn the incident into a positive experience for the customer.

We don't really emphasize on the platform, rather, we are 100 percent in the platform

Having a large customer base and an aggressive approach towards market competition, Riskonnect plans to expand its business geographically. “Risk Management takes on different forms in different markets, so we are highly adaptive to follow that growth,” explains Morell. Also acknowledging that there are many areas that Risk Managers can take advantage to drive down the total cost of risk, he emphasizes on continuing to enhance the solutions provided. “We want to give the leadership a confidence that they really understand the risks they are facing in organization, so as to grow fast and be more aggressive in their decision making,” concludes Morell.


Kennesaw, GA

Bob Morrell, Co-Founder and CEO

Provider of premier, enterprise-class risk management work platform, configured to meet companies’ existing business processes.

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