Outreach-Empowering the Sales Rep: Automation Leads to More Sales, More Often

Manuel Medina, CEO
The sales industry as a whole is failing to seal the deal. Today’s buyer is well-researched, spending hours on the Internet pouring over products and solutions before approaching a sales professional. Despite the new age of consumer who is highly influenced by the technology at their fingertips, the sales industry itself has stayed behind the curve, managing to remain largely undisrupted by the world’s digital takeover. As a result, sales reps are losing—continually missing the mark on sale after sale. In the current day-to-day, sales professionals continue to fight against inefficient, disconnected systems, and poor internal resources. In order to remain relevant and start winning again, sales teams need to catch up with the times and embrace an innovation that has the capabilities to totally transform their communication and workflows.

“The struggle we’re continually seeing in the industry today, is a market dynamic in which the expectation for sales reps is higher than ever before—yet their ability to reach their goals is greatly hindered through the tools available,” says Manuel Medina, CEO and co-founder at Outreach. “It’s time CIOs embrace the innovative technology now available within the industry, and invest in the tools and training that will enable their teams to succeed. Imagine the output and corresponding revenue if each employee was going above and beyond their sales goals—now multiply that by three. That’s the kind of game-changing technology we’re talking about.”

Medina’s Seattle-based company, Outreach, offers a sales acceleration platform that empowers sales professionals to manage customer touchpoints throughout the sales process. The beauty of the platform lies in its ability to automate non-sales activities for sales reps– sometimes absorbing 60 percent of their day–and allow them to do what they do best, close deals. “We like to say that Outreach gives sales people superpowers,” says Medina.

A sales acceleration solution cannot burden the CIO, it must both drive revenues for Sales and fit into their CIO’s environment

“As co-founder of the company, it has been incredibly rewarding to see thousands of customers utilizing Outreach to blow away their sales goals.”

This level of success with a new sales technology only comes with a partnership between the CIO and Sales. However, many CIOs struggle with the proliferation of sales tools in the market that do not fit into their currently deployed systems. “As business partners we look for sales solutions that impact the top line while integrating seamlessly into our existing cloud environment,” said Alvina Antar, CIO at Zuora. “It sounds simple, but few vendors actually deliver. Outreach is an ideal partner for a CIO looking to streamline campaign management.”

“A sales acceleration solution cannot be a monkey you put on the CIO’s back. You have to solve a problem for the sales team while fitting into their CIO’s environment,” says Medina. “By making the life of the CIO easy, you get to go back to empowering the sales guys.”

Outreach will continue on its current trajectory to disrupt the space by strengthening their app ecosystem and integrating third-party players into their data platform. “Our next priority is an initiative called Outreach Insights, which features the ability to bring data intelligence right to the fingertips of the sales rep—offering performance insights that lead to faster, more effective selling,” says Medina. “The way the sales force operates will not be the same again.”


Seattle, WA

Manuel Medina, CEO

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