Sesame Software Ensures Increased Data Compliance for Salesforce Products
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Sesame Software Ensures Increased Data Compliance for Salesforce Products

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Sesame Software, a data warehouse solutionscompany, enables companies to preserve data in full and complete regulatory compliance with its Relational Junction for Salesforce product suite.

Sesame Software's Relational Junction for Salesforce give companies easy 24/7 access to all the Salesforce data – including the entire record and not just a subset of the fields. Even when an employee deletes or corrupts data in the Cloud, Sesame's tools makes sure it is never physically removed from the local repository. It is instead marked as inactive in the data warehouse and kept permanently on the local server.    

Relational junction for Salesforce tracks all the changes made across the management system and updates those changes automatically in the Salesforce platform. It ensures replication of massive data by segregating them into small sets according to their time of origin in the source.

Government agencies have made mandatory for all business to keep their related electronic records in non-rewritable, non-erasable formats to prevent alteration.This is why companies are turning to Sesame Software to ensure regulatory compliance.

"Organizations that rely on data for marketing and CRM should ask the hard questions about data compliance -- including determining the potential scenarios that would necessitate a complete data recovery by their IT department -- and whether their current vendor is bestsuited for that job. We've seen that nearly all other products cannot even restore the data that is backed up," said Rick Banister, CEO,Sesame Software.